Bringing up taufu

I love to eat taufufa (soy pudding). Hence, when my baby daughter was born on Sept 2016 and had a fair and smooth complexion and also a fairly weak and fragile immune system, I nicknamed her Taufufa in honour of my favourite dessert :). ย Yes, this mommy only thinks about food….hohoho!

I did not have a smooth labour and childbirth (it lasted a freakin 24 hours!!), but I sure am thankful to God for a healthy baby girl weighing merely 2.29kg. She doubled in weight before she was 3 months old, so all is good and she is in good health. ย Did I also mention that she happens to have a very loud voice? ย Oh yes, this little pudding loves to scream from her diaphragm, as my mom used to say!

The journey of parenthood is indeed a challenging one. I hope that by documenting our moments together, it will be cherished and remembered always ๐Ÿ™‚

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