Parenting noob

There is always a first time for everything, including parenting.  With the arrival of our first born, I think we were pretty clueless on many things. Including what kind of diapers to use, how to store baby clothes, how to choose the right bottles, etc etc. Among the crazy unbelievable things I have googled about that made me feel pretty noob were:

  1. Diaper reviews – hey, this can be pretty useful (and useless as well, as every baby is different). Who knows, I might write my own review one day, LOL 😀
  2. Milk bottle reviews – again, every baby is different and you’d probably end up experimenting with a number of brands anyway.
  3. How to fold onesies – yes, this noob mom doesn’t know how to fold them neatly and had to google it! Anyway, thanks to youtube and youtubers: https://youtu.be/AR_xqmabKlE
  4. How to carry a newborn – well don’t worry, once you become a mom, it comes naturally without needing google anymore.
  5. How to bathe a baby….!!
  6. Shaken baby syndrome – because I was so worried rocking the baby in the rocker, walking too fast with baby in arm, or taking her out for car rides would cause it (well, noob mom).
  7. SIDS – because a first time parent can never be too worried
  8. Purple crying – because T was constantly screaming and crying all the time!
  9. Colic (x1000)
  10. Autism (hmm….I don’t know why?)

One day, when T is all grown up and sees what her parents had googled or worried about when she was a tiny baby, I bet she would stick a huge label on our foreheads: “Paranoid Parent”.


My tiny little pudding

When T was born, she was so tiny despite being a full term baby (induced at exactly 40 weeks). She weighed only 2.29kg and looked like a preemie! Because she was so skinny without all the fats, and her face was so sunken. The only thing big and strong about her was:

  1. Her huge head!!
  2. Her voice. OMG….you could hear her screaming miles away.

After delivery I was in a bit of depression and was a tad bit sensitive whenever someone talked about her size. Probably because I felt I didn’t do a good job taking care of her while she was in my belly and sometimes did blame myself for her tiny pea size.

She was so tiny she couldn’t fit into all the newborn clothes we had! She couldn’t even fit well in the Fisher Price rocker I bought.

Despite being super tiny, her birth was quite an experience, and I did not breastfeed her after delivery (except for the first 10 minutes after being asked by the nurse) as I was throwing up from all the meds and having difficulty staying conscious. Well, formula is not poison and after the initial few weeks I did manage to finally fully breastfeed her 100%. She was a champion at breastfeeding ever since day 1.

My little champion was 3.6kg by one month old, and doubled her birth weight in her 2nd month 🙂