Allergy season

For the past 1 month, T has been down with cold symptoms – running nose, a bad cough and lots of phlegm. It seemed to improve and worsen every now and then. Been to 2 doctors and they diagnosed it as allergy rhinitis. Surprisingly, I got the same diagnosis too when I too, came down with the same symptoms and went to see a doctor after 2 weeks of suffering.

Allergy season? Both of us never got cold symptoms this bad for this long, before.

Anyway, I don’t mind to be sick, but praying hard that T will recover quickly 😢

Have been trying to supplement her with nutritious food to boost up her immune system but it doesn’t seem to help, so far.

Broccoli day. “Hey Cookie, want some??”

Pumpkin carrot rice porridge


Nowadays, she doesn’t seem to eat much when I give her food BLW style. She mostly just plays with her food and very little goes down her mouth. So I have to make her porridge to make sure she eats something. She is also very particular with her porridge, as she only likes to have very fine and smooth congee style. So I had blend the rice grains to get a finer consistency when cooking the porridge in the slow cooker.

Blender and rice grains ready to be milled into rice powder!

T also has some slight eczema which is suspected to be due to consuming chicken. She can’t tolerate cow’s milk (she gets very cranky and gassy whenever I had milk and then breastfeed her, somehow the milk protein I consumed gets into the breastmilk!) and cheese as well, those give her runny diarrhea. Oh my, what a boring life she will have without milk, cheese and chicken. I am hoping that probiotics will help with all these allergies and eczema. The doctor has prescribed Linex BB-12 for a week to boost her immune system after taking a course of antibiotics. Once we have finished that, I think I will try out LactoGG which claims to be able to help reduce allergies and eczema.

I highly suspect that T has a low immune system, allergies and eczema due to the antibiotics jab that I was given while delivering her. That probably killed all the good bacteria that was supposed to be passed into her system during birth – maybe that’s why she had such bad colic during her early days and unable to tolerate cow’s milk formula. But we didn’t have much choice when the antibiotic jab was given because when the doctor broke my water bag, he said that the water was a little yellowish (suspecting T had already passed motion), hence the antibiotics.

Poor T did not have a good start in life, and I feel bad for not giving her the best start. But I hope I will be able to make it up to her by curing her poor health, allergies and eczema. Please get well soon my dear baby!


Oogi Fun

Ever since T’s daycare nurses said that she is super attached to that one toy which she loves to hold all the time and would always pick it out from a pile of random toys, I have been searching for the same rattle toy with bells inside. 

Unfortunately, I have yet to find the exact same toy. But I did come across a few interesting toys, and the Moluk Oogi is one of them.

Moluk Oogi is supposed to be an open ended toy that is supposed to build a child’s creativity and imagination.

Imported from Switzerland, the price tag is not cheap here in Malaysia. It’s ok, T, mommy doesn’t mind skipping lunch 5 days a week to afford this expensive toy for you. Lol 😂

T seems to love it a lot and kept putting it in her mouth.

Later on, i found out on the packaging that it is not meant as a teething toy as small pieces might break off and cause choking. In fact, this toy is actually for kids aged 3 years old and above. OOPS.

I thought it should be suitable for infants as the seller had mentioned she used it to entertain her 7 month old. Looks like I have to pay close attention to T while she is playing with it.

T is a lot more interested in toys now and can seem to entertain herself with toys nowadays. She stares at them, inspects them, puts them in her mouth, and nom nom nom…


T’s birth story

Having a baby is no walk in the park. Although it has been almost 6 months since T was born, I thought I’d better write it all down before my memory dies on me one day.

Before baby T was born, I was so confident that she was going to be early, or “on time”. Unfortunately, T had other thoughts – lounging around in mommy’s womb seemed like a better idea. After taking long walks and cleaning the house 3 times with no sign of labour, I couldn’t wait and decided to induce labour at exactly 40 weeks.

Well, bad idea. And T was determined to let me know I should have let her stay much longer.

Cut a long story short, the labour lasted almost 24 hours with the most intense pain happening at around midnight. I have an extremely low tolerance for pain, yet the doc refused to allow epidural until I was dilated (I was 0cm dilated when induced!) so by then I had taken 2 painkiller shots and inhaled more than enough gas to make me pass out anytime. Both were useless at easing any pain at all. Finally, I was allowed epidural, the most heavenly and magical drug in childbirth. I have no words to describe the pain and grief labour can bring, but you know, the magic of epidural makes you forget all of that.

The doc broke the water bag the next morning at 3cm dilation and administered pitocin to kick up the contractions. I was fully dilated by lunch time. The doc came in and asked me to start pushing…. and the whole thing just felt kinda like having that kind of constipated poop that is coming out halfway through your butt hole but just hangs in there halfway and never manages to pop out no matter how hard you push until you feel like your head is about to explode. Hence, I must say the vacuum extractor is another magical invention in childbirth. After an hour of pushing, T was finally vacuum extracted out… and even though I couldn’t feel any pain, the feeling of a watermelon sized T popping right out of me was like the most relieving feeling in the whole world (after having her head stuck down there for an hour!). The funniest moment after T came out was the doc asking my husband if he wanted to cut the umbilical cord…
Doc: Do you want to cut the cord?

Hubs: Yeah, cut it… (obviously not understanding the question)

Doc: Do you want to cut it?

Hubs: Yeah, just cut it.

Me: (losing it) Omg, he means YOU cut the cord!!

Hubs: No no no….you do it!!

Yeah, I have the funniest sweetheart hubby in the world who was probably blur from the lack of sleep. By the time the doc was done stitching me up (I had a 5cm tear! And bad hemorrhoids after all that pushing), I was throwing up all over and felt really bad for throwing up on the poor nurse.

Recovery was a rollercoaster ride for me as well. On the first week I couldn’t pee and had to have my pee drained out at the hospital. Then my hemorrhoids were so bad that I could hardly control my farting and pooping. I couldn’t sit with all that pain as well and had a hard time breastfeeding T. The doc had suggested surgery to remove the hemorrhoids, but no way I was gonna have a surgery on my butt after having a “watermelon” pass through my vagina! 😂 I was in tears worrying about when my bladder was gonna burst from my inability to pee, or how the doc was gonna make me carry a pee bag around. Thank God I didn’t need a pee bag after all, and I managed to finally pee on my own a few days later.

My beloved Cookie saying hello to her little baby human

Giving birth to T is definitely not a smooth sailing journey for me, it was also rough on T’s poor daddy as well. Even though we managed to check in to a single room ward, there was no extra bed for him to spend the night, only a narrow uncomfortable sofa with no blankets. He did not sleep well for the 2 nights we were at the hospital… and with T back at home, well nobody got any sleep! 😂 So, fathers make a lot of sacrifices too to watch their child come into this world. I hope T will grow up to appreciate and love her dad for all that he has done for her.

Being a mom definitely made me appreciate my mom even more. I remembered the time I left home to pursue my tertiary education some hundreds of miles away from home, and I saw my mom wiping her tears at the airport watching me leave. Maybe at that time I was feeling excited and couldn’t wait to leave home for the first time, but many years later I now understood how my mom felt at that moment when her little girl finally left the nest. I know that one day I will go through it as well, and I sure hope that moment will not come so soon. As my mom had said to me… the hardest part of being a mom is when you have to cut off the second and final umbilical cord, when your child is finally ready to leave the nest.

I am dreading the day when T is finally all grown up and ready to leave our nest and fly… but eventually she will. And until then, I shall make the most of every moment I have with her, cherish every memory I have with her, and love her the best I can. Sometimes, I still shed tears when I think of how she will leave me one day, but I know I need to keep reminding myself that she will eventually have her own life and her own happiness. I just pray that she will find happiness and the right path in her life. I will always be here for her whenever she needs me, I promise her that. And she will always be my dear little baby.


My Lovely Valentines

Happy Valentine’s to my little sweetheart… my little baby bunny 😘😘

I never knew I could love another human being this much until I carried you in my tummy and saw you for the first time after you came out. You have filled my days with joy (and sleeplessness, and frustration, and others) and made my life complete. You are my little miracle 🙂

And Happy Valentine’s to T’s wonderful daddy also. Thank you for putting up with all my nonsense and still love me despite me being an asshole sometimes. T’s daddy is not a romantic person who would buy flowers or chocolates (ok, sometimes he would if I nag him to buy some to satisfy my sweet tooth), but he would do lovely things everyday like:

  1. Fill up my car when fuel is running low so that I won’t need to make a trip to the station.
  2. Reload my touchngo card so I won’t get stuck at the toll booth cos I’m such a forgetful person
  3. Wash the milk bottles and breast pump at night so that I don’t have to.
  4. Walk the dogs so I can get more rest
  5. Ask me if I need any help even though I’m being an asshole and spitting fire like a dragon on tomyum overdose… 😦

And a whole load more of things he has done that I’m grateful for. Well, everyday is Valentine’s day but for today I would just like to express my gratitude to my better half. Although we sometimes fight and disagree with each other, but I love him from the bottom of my heart ❤️

We spent tonight (unromantically) trying to make T’s passport but failed to, as she would need to get her passport done at the immigration HQ. We’ll be travelling with T on her first overseas trip at the end of this year! Can’t wait… 😍 meanwhile, got to work hard on saving up as all the travelling is gonna do some pretty hard damage on our poor wallets…


Disposable diapers

After T was born, we had to forget about cloth diapers and use disposables as she was way too tiny to fit in the one size fits all cloth diapers. Also partly because after living my post delivery life, I was convinced that I just don’t have the time and energy to keep up with washing 10 poo stained diapers a day.

But, it turns out that T has a very sensitive (and expensive) butt… she doesn’t tolerate cheap diapers very well! So we ended up experimenting with a few different brands.

L-R: Drypers wee wee dry, Huggies ultra tape, Mamypoko Extra Dry tape

L-R: Mamypoko standard pants, Huggies Dry pants

L-R: Merries tape, Huggies ultra pants


Drypers Wee Wee Dry

Price: RM0.42/piece

T used this for her first couple of weeks. Because she pooped like every 2-3 hours, this was a cheaper option that won’t burn a hole in my pocket. However, the absorption is like crap and on unlucky days, fast flowing poonami shoots right out the diaper like a volcanic eruption. The cheap price is sometimes not worth all the clean up work I had to do – scrubbing poo-stained clothes and washing poo off the floor and furniture and bed sheets!!

Verdict: Noooooo 😦

Huggies Ultra tape

Price: RM0.56/piece (promo price)

This is one of the better brands (hospital recommended) that does not cause diaper rash. Huggies Ultra is a bit on the pricey side but well worth it as it has better absorption and can last way longer (the packaging says 12 hours, but it usually lasts 6-7 hours for T if she didn’t poop in it). I’m pretty happy with it since T doesn’t get any nappy rash and her poonamis don’t explode out and splatter all over.

The downside however, is that the diaper gets very bulky when full and most of the time, the gel pops out on the surface and sticks to T’s bum. The size is a bit smaller too compared to other diaper brands. And it’s quite pricey without sale/promotion.

Aeon sometimes offers a good price for this, RM66.99 for 2 mega packs (M60).

Verdict: Will buy only during promotion. Good to use during travels too as it contains mess very well.

Huggies Dry tape

Price: RM0.44/piece

This is a cheaper Huggies option for me (I’m a big fan of Huggies now). It does not leak any gel on the surface unlike the Ultra type. As its name suggests, it’s very dry! And quite soft too, although not as soft as the Japanese brand diapers. However it does not last that long and I usually need to change it after 3-4 hours.

Verdict: Will continue using this at day care.

Huggies Dry Pants

Price: RM0.48/piece

I love this pants diaper by Huggies too. It’s basically the same as Huggies Dry tape but this is the pants type. It’s easier to put on especially when T is rolling around or kicking, making it difficult to tape a diaper around her waist. The pant diaper also looks more comfy due to the stretchable waistband.

Verdict: Will continue using this for day time use at home 🙂

Huggies Ultra Pants for Girls

Price: RM0.98/piece

This was the most expensive diaper I’ve ever bought. The design is very pretty, comes in pink for girls. The diaper is very thin and soft and is able to last all night (10-12 hours). Superb quality, but pricey!

Verdict: Love it, but will not buy again unless if there is an irresistible  promotion.

Mamypoko Extra Dry tape

Price: RM0.71/piece

This is one of the pricier brands around and also superb quality. This diaper is super thin, soft, and yet able to stay dry all night long (12 hours as advertised!) and absorbs poonamis very well too!

The downside, it does not have an elastic back, so it can’t stretch to provide a better, snug fit. When T kicks and trashes around too hyperactively, the diaper sometimes slides off. I don’t like to fasten it too tight as I worry she might feel uncomfortable.

Verdict: Love it, but not gonna buy it again as I prefer diapers that come with an elastic backing.

Mamypoko Standard Pants

Price: RM0.44/piece

This is the cheaper variant of Mamypoko. It is quite stiff and has a boring design/print.  The back part does not fully cover T’s butt, therefore poonamis sometimes leak out from the waistband! I need to change this diaper every 3-4 hours as it gets pretty heavy by then and feels hot and damp.

Verdict: Not gonna buy this anymore 😦

Merries tape

Price: RM0.77/piece (promo price)

This diaper is by far the one I love most (funny, since I’m not the one wearing it! 😀 ) It’s super thin, super absorbent (no poonami leaks at all!), has elastic backing, feels extremely soft and comfortable.

The downside is that it’s really pricey to purchase this at supermarkets (since it’s fully imported from Japan). I got it really cheap online from 11street (in total about  RM49++ including shipping for M64). Quite a bargain for a super premium brand.

Verdict: Super love this brand. Will definitely buy again if there is any online promotion.

Oh by the way, all the prices above are stated for M size since T is currently wearing that 🙂

To conclude, I am now a big fan of Huggies and also Japanese brand diapers as they are very thin and gentle on T’s skin. And contain poonamis very well!