Parenting noob

There is always a first time for everything, including parenting.  With the arrival of our first born, I think we were pretty clueless on many things. Including what kind of diapers to use, how to store baby clothes, how to choose the right bottles, etc etc. Among the crazy unbelievable things I have googled about that made me feel pretty noob were:

  1. Diaper reviews – hey, this can be pretty useful (and useless as well, as every baby is different). Who knows, I might write my own review one day, LOL 😀
  2. Milk bottle reviews – again, every baby is different and you’d probably end up experimenting with a number of brands anyway.
  3. How to fold onesies – yes, this noob mom doesn’t know how to fold them neatly and had to google it! Anyway, thanks to youtube and youtubers: https://youtu.be/AR_xqmabKlE
  4. How to carry a newborn – well don’t worry, once you become a mom, it comes naturally without needing google anymore.
  5. How to bathe a baby….!!
  6. Shaken baby syndrome – because I was so worried rocking the baby in the rocker, walking too fast with baby in arm, or taking her out for car rides would cause it (well, noob mom).
  7. SIDS – because a first time parent can never be too worried
  8. Purple crying – because T was constantly screaming and crying all the time!
  9. Colic (x1000)
  10. Autism (hmm….I don’t know why?)

One day, when T is all grown up and sees what her parents had googled or worried about when she was a tiny baby, I bet she would stick a huge label on our foreheads: “Paranoid Parent”.


Bringing up taufu

I love to eat taufufa (soy pudding). Hence, when my baby daughter was born on Sept 2016 and had a fair and smooth complexion and also a fairly weak and fragile immune system, I nicknamed her Taufufa in honour of my favourite dessert :).  Yes, this mommy only thinks about food….hohoho!

I did not have a smooth labour and childbirth (it lasted a freakin 24 hours!!), but I sure am thankful to God for a healthy baby girl weighing merely 2.29kg. She doubled in weight before she was 3 months old, so all is good and she is in good health.  Did I also mention that she happens to have a very loud voice?  Oh yes, this little pudding loves to scream from her diaphragm, as my mom used to say!

The journey of parenthood is indeed a challenging one. I hope that by documenting our moments together, it will be cherished and remembered always 🙂