Oogi Fun

Ever since T’s daycare nurses said that she is super attached to that one toy which she loves to hold all the time and would always pick it out from a pile of random toys, I have been searching for the same rattle toy with bells inside. 

Unfortunately, I have yet to find the exact same toy. But I did come across a few interesting toys, and the Moluk Oogi is one of them.

Moluk Oogi is supposed to be an open ended toy that is supposed to build a child’s creativity and imagination.

Imported from Switzerland, the price tag is not cheap here in Malaysia. It’s ok, T, mommy doesn’t mind skipping lunch 5 days a week to afford this expensive toy for you. Lol 😂

T seems to love it a lot and kept putting it in her mouth.

Later on, i found out on the packaging that it is not meant as a teething toy as small pieces might break off and cause choking. In fact, this toy is actually for kids aged 3 years old and above. OOPS.

I thought it should be suitable for infants as the seller had mentioned she used it to entertain her 7 month old. Looks like I have to pay close attention to T while she is playing with it.

T is a lot more interested in toys now and can seem to entertain herself with toys nowadays. She stares at them, inspects them, puts them in her mouth, and nom nom nom…